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Catering in Mesa, Arizona: Dine-in, pick-up, or get delivery from one of our five valley locations. We even serve Wine and Beer.

Venezia's Pizzeria, Mesa Location

"Really great wings! Their hot and cold sandwiches are also very good. The pizza is certainly above average and good. Not the best I've ever had but not bad by any means! My family gets delivery from these guys usually about twice a month and have never been dissatisfied." Jason Z.

Items may change frequently please go to Venezia's website for all current information.


Who We Are and Why You'll Love Us

What is New York style pizza? Frank and Clara Montanile lived in New York City for over 10 years, and it was there that they learned exactly what a New York style pizza should taste like. A New York style pizza is made by hand (not machine rolled) and is on the thinner side compared to a “normal” pizza. The crust should be minimal and it should not be too large. A true New York style pizza will serve huge slices that consists of a 20” pizza or larger. The slice has to be large enough so you can fold it when taking a bite. NY Style Pizzerias also use whole milk mozzarella cheese. For more information on the history of New York Style Pizza, click this Wikipedia Link.

What is the Party Pizza Challenge? The Party Pizza Challenge is a contest where two individuals purchase a 24” Party Pizza with as little or as many toppings as they wish. Once the pizza is brought to the table, they have one hour to completely finish the entire pizza—including the crust. If they achieve their goal, they each get a Party Challenge Venezia’s Shirt and a polaroid photo that goes on our Wall of Fame. There’s no extra awards for anyone who decides to try to accomplish this challenge solo.

Do you cut your pizza? Of course we cut our pizza! The scene on Breaking Bad where Badger says we don’t was just a skit. We do cut our pizza, and at no extra charge. Do you sell your salad dressing? We bottle and sell our salad dressings at each of our five locations. They’re made in house and sealed to provide our customers with the ultimate freshness. Stop by the retail counter at any location to buy a bottle of our Greek, Buttermilk Ranch, or Italian dressings.

How did you come up with the name Venezia’s? Venezia’s president Domenick Montanile’s father was born and raised in Napoli, Italy and his mother was born and raised in Roma, Italy. They met in the Bronx, NY in the late 1960’s while learning English. When they decided to open their first restaurant together they argued over calling it Naples or Roma, but finally settled on Venezia’s since they both loved visiting Venice, Italy.

Was Venezia’s the original name of the restaurant when it opened in Tempe back in 1998? No! Since “Venezia’s” is very hard to pronounce, and also because it’s known in Albuquerque, NM but not in Phoenix, we chose “Pepino’s Pizza.” This name was chosen because Pepino’s is a childhood song in many traditional Italian families. It refers to an Italian mouse who steals cheese from a homeowner. The song was sung by an Italian named Lou Monte. After 3 years—and a trademark lawsuit from a Pepino’s Restaurant in California—we decided to change the name back to Venezia’s. We also decided to get the National Trademark so we wouldn’t have any more trademark issues. However, customers who came in during those first 3 years still call us Pepino’s today!

Do you sell alcohol? Starting in 2017, we now sell beer and wine at ALL locations! We offer a variety of domestic and craft beers, as well as red and white wines. Be sure to head to our menu to check out our Drink Specials, as well as our daily Reverse Happy Hour! Beer and wine available for guests 21 years of age and older. Please drink responsibly.

Do you have in-store entertainment? We have multiple TVs in all of our locations so you can watch the game and enjoy a fine Italian meal. And at our North Phoenix location, we have a cornhole game on our patio! Just ask and we’ll give you the bags so you can play.

How can I find nutritional information on Venezia’s Pizzeria items? Visit our Nutritional Facts page for information on select menu items.

How can I give feedback to Venezia’s Pizzeria about my restaurant experience? Visit our Guest Satisfaction page to leave us your feedback. We appreciate your comments and will respond as soon as we can.

How will I know when the restaurant received my Online Order? We’ll send you a confirmation by email. If you don’t see the email, check your spam folder. We recommend white-listing Venezia’s Pizzeria in your email provider’s settings to make sure you get our emails.

Are delivery charges higher for customers who order from Venezia’s Pizzeria online? No, our online ordering system is absolutely free—not to mention, it’s very user-friendly!

What is future or advance ordering? You can easily set a future time and date for your order to be delivered or picked up from one of our stores using our online ordering system. Or, you can call us to place a catering order on a certain day and time. Either way, we’ll make sure you get your order on time!

Do I need a coupon code for Daily Specials? If you order online, you don’t need a code for daily specials. If you call in your order, please let our team know and we will make sure you get the special. Note that offers can’t be combined, so please: no trying to use a coupon code and a daily special in the same order.

What is the Slice-of-the-Day? The “Slice-of-the-Day” is a specialty slice cut from our 24” party pizza that’s guaranteed to be available that day from Open-1 PM and 5-8 PM. We feature a different specialty slice every day, and you can enjoy them as a slice special. Slice special D, E, and F are delicious options where you can get our slice-of-the-day with a salad or wings, or two specialty slices, and of course, a drink is always included with our slice specials. Check out our deals page to see what pie we’re cooking up today!

Do you charge for sides of ranch? Yes, we charge $.45 for sides of ranch. Because our famous buttermilk ranch dressing is made fresh in-house, we have to make sure we cover food costs so we can keep making it with only the highest quality ingredients. Pouring hundreds of cups of ranch is exhausting, not to mention expensive!

Venezia's Pizzeria - Mesa

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Pizzeria Mesa Location
5057 East McKellips Road
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East Mesa Cateting Location

2721 South Ellsworth Rd.
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